Work & Projects

Active Work & Projects

Founder @ Timelapse, a Knowledge Base & Help Center platform.

Founder + Consultant @ i5 Consulting, a digital consulting company.

Areas of Interest and Expertise

Product Development — everything that goes into designing, making and selling products.

Digital Analytics — making sense and extracting context out of data.

Software Project Definition & Scoping — the art of killing features, replacing them and reducing their scope.

Creative & budget-friendly software solutions — moving away from the obvious with creative and simple solutions.

Short Bio

As a software engineer, I’ve worked for over a decade with many organizations, specializing mostly in helping non-tech people solve software and tech-related problems in a creative and budget-friendly way.

In 2011, I started i5 Consulting, a consulting company that is still active today specializing in digital analytics, independent and technology agnostic advice as well as web projects definition and scoping.

More recently, I’ve created Timelapse, a knowledge base and help center software.